Theory Hawks (website for my Contemporary Theory course at Monmouth University, Spring 2017)

Fashioning Sociology (the central website for the courses I teach. Intro to Soc/Women and Media/Sociology of the Family. FIT, SUNY and Hunter, CUNY)

Sew-ciology (the fashion archive project made with my Intro to Soc students at FIT, SUNY, Spring 2016)

Becoming American (the website I designed for the honors seminar “The People of New York,” at Baruch, CUNY Spring 2016)

The People of New York (the course site for my honors seminar, “The People of New York,” at City College, CUNY Spring 2015)

Bites of the Apple (the collaborative website built with my Macaulay students showcasing their ethnographic projects Spring 2015)

Digital Labor Working Group (the reference library and blog on all things digital and/or labor to which I co-manage and contribute)