IMG_1858I received my PhD in Sociology from The Graduate Center at the City University of New York.

My academic interests include feminist and social theory, cultural studies of technology, digital cultures, digital labor, fashion, and the economies of motherhood. My research examines how technology informs subjectivity and feminist politics. Currently, I am working as a lecturer in the Digital Technologies and Emerging Media (DTEM) program at Fordham University. I am teaching courses on social media, digital technologies and emerging media, social theory, and gender studies.

I have taught sociology, sociological theory, and gender studies, and media studies courses. I have experience teaching sociology courses on the Family, Social Theory, Deviance, Fashion, Sexuality and Gender. I have also taught graduate courses in Public Health and in sociological theory.

Beyond reading, writing, thinking about, and teaching sociology and media studies, I also love to practice yoga, follow (and shop!) independent female fashion designers, and take long walks through Brooklyn. My favorite job was working as a barista in a coffee shop and my dream, non academic job would be: fashion write/editor. I grew up in Texas and Kansas but NYC is, of course, my favorite.