IMG_1858I received my PhD in Sociology from The Graduate Center at the City University of New York.

My research examines the relationships between gender, technology, and capitalism. My recent projects examine the ways in which digital media pull users into a labor of self-production. This digital labor draws as much from gendered performances as it does from social inequalities. My methodology is a combination of qualitative, ethnographic, and narrative analysis.

Currently I work as a visiting Instructor at Monmouth University in the Political Science and Sociology Department. I teach sociology, sociological theory, and gender studies courses. I have experience teaching sociology courses on the Family, Social Theory, Deviance, Fashion, Sexuality and Gender as well as courses in media studies. I have also taught graduate courses in Public Health and in sociological theory.

When not reading, writing, or teaching sociology, I can be found walking around Brooklyn or practicing yoga. I grew up in Texas and Kansas but, of course, love New York (and New Jersey!).